Transforming Beauty

This is No Ordinary Love Baseball Tee

$ 26.00


 A uni-sex baseball tee that celebrated the unique love of adoption. 

 The Front of the Shirt reads:  This is No Ordinary Love 

 The Back of the Shirt reads a beautiful manifesto of adoption: 

       This is no ordinary LOVE -
   It is a LOVE that is drenched in HOPE
         & powered by GRACE,
          a LOVE that triumphs over unsurmountable odds,
        dreams unimaginable DREAMS,
      is trademarked by
    IMMEASURABLY MORE provision,
     RESTORES what is broken,
and REVIVES what is dead.
It is a RELENTLESS pursuing
  LOVE that NEVER fails.
15% of every purchase goes toward mission - see why under CONTACT or OUR STORY
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