Transforming Beauty

Pursued by Love baby/toddler Basebell T

$ 20.00


Pursued by Love is the anthem for Transforming Beauty's adoption and foster care initiative. 

We feel that every child needs to know that they have a God that is pursuing them with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever love (taken from the Story Book bible). 

This theme came about when a dear friend of mine was getting on the plane to go meet her then potentional child to adopt. Her previous adoption attempt had fallen through and she was so fearful to open her heart and herself to the adoption process again. She was standing at the gate on the phone telling me that she knew she was called to this but she was terrifed if it didn't work out. She didn't think she could pull through the heartache. 

I asked her if she was positive that she was called to this child and she answered "yes." 

I told her "then you get on that plane and pursue that child." And even if it did not work out that child would know that someone wanted him, and would fight for him — that he was so worthy of being pursued by love.


15% of every purchase goes toward mission - see why under CONTACT or OUR STORY

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