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Welcome to the Transforming Beauty shop. We are thrilled that you are here!

The Transforming Beauty products are ones that have a story. It is our hope that they inspire you and bring a piece of beauty into your lives. 

This shop is an extension of our blog — Please join us there to learn more about our mission. You can also check out "Our Story" here on Shopify for the history behind Transforming Beauty.

Transforming Beauty is about shopping with a purpose, which means that 15% of every sale goes toward a mission we feel passionate about — whether it’s a girls education fund in Haiti, helping to feed and take care of orphans in India, or assisting with fundraising for a family’s adoption — we want to help!

We are inviting you to invest in others and be world changers with us. Our desire is to bring awareness to areas throughout the world, and at home, that need our care. We pray that peoples’ hearts are opened to connect deeply with others. 

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Email: [email protected]