Revelation, Inspiration, Transformation, Revolution

"If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of all mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known." — Matthew Arnold 
I believe the time has come. God is birthing something new in the hearts of women — where women come together 
purely and simply in unity for the good of all. This is the true beauty of women and it is a force — a force of love, a force of hope, a force of beauty. I believe God is raising up a tribe of women to journey together through a transformation process — Revelation, Inspiration, Transformation, Revolution. Transforming Beauty exists to help women in this process.  All are invited to be Transforming Beauty women.

What is a Transforming Beauty Woman?

She willingly enters into an organic transformation process, a metamorphosis, where she is transformed from her current state into the force of beauty she was created to be. Transforming Beauty Women are peacemakers, beauty seekers,
 co-creators, banquet table setters, bride preparers, and world changers. A Transforming Beauty Woman is a force of nature, a force of beauty, a force of change, a force of love. 
Be a force.

Why now? The Background story

A stirring in my heart started about a year ago. I was preparing to leave for the Created for Care Women’s Adoption Retreat. My bags were packed, the kids were situated, my heart was ready. Outside, the snow was falling a little harder than I anticipated. When it was time to leave, I couldn't get out. I was snowed in. Determined to “retreat,” I withdrew to my bed and began to pray. It was then that God spoke to me about starting, forming, birthing a women’s ministry. As usual, I argued with God and told him about all the reasons why this was not a good idea. I reminded him of my six children and my laundry room. What was he thinking? The next day, the snow stopped and I was able to go to the retreat. I walked into a session called “Date with God.” One of the head intercessor ladies approached me and said, “I have seen your face since Thursday and have been praying for you.  What the Lord is asking of you is true.” I received the confirmation . . . thanks God . . . but now what? I am good at the ideas, prayers, and inspiration, but actually starting a ministry?

Soon after the retreat, I read a book by Lisa Bevere called Lioness Arising. In this book, I read the quote from Matthew Arnold — so good, it is worth repeating, “If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of all mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” I felt in my spirit that this was what God was calling to me to do - to create a tool/resource/community where women could come together for all mankind to create a force, a revolution. As I listened to the Lioness Arising podcast, Lisa Bevere spoke of a woman she encountered in a Middle Eastern country where women do not have a voice. The woman said to her, “You women in the western world have a voice and are able to speak. Do you speak for us?” I felt the Spirit so strong that I had to pull over to the side of the road. I knew it was time to move. Transforming Beauty was conceived. This is what Transforming Beauty is meant to be — to remind western women that they have a voice, to come together to build that voice strong, and to be a force of beauty for the good of all mankind that will transform families, communities, cultures and our world. 

In conjunction with this Shopify site (in which 15% of every sale goes toward a mission we feel passionate about), I will be blogging/ministering at and socializing via Facebook and Instagram. Please join this movement and become a world changer yourself!

Be a force,

— a little bit more about me personally —

Things that stir my heart: Women all over the world becoming fully alive and joining forces to change the world, adoption  advocacy, fighting injustice against women & children, creative people that think outside of the box, women with a lot of heart and a little spice.

Hope for this space: That this be a place where you can rest, restore and reboot to realize - through personal and divine revelation - what your passion and calling is, whatever season of life you are in.
Random things that bring me bliss: coffee, college football (SEC, with a side of Notre Dame), books (I can get lost in a bookstore for hours), teaching my exercise classes, J.Crew, the beach, natural light, flowers, Hunter rain boots, flip-flops.

Downers: laundry, when people debate instead of discuss, when I run out of coffee creamer.